I do not plan to translate my websites entirely at this moment. Anyhow, I want you to know, that it is possible to take a complete physiotherapeutical care in English here.

I provide the comprehensive musculoskeletal physical therapy. I tend to use a combination of hands-on care, exercises and education. Physio can help improve strenght, flexibility and movement affected by illness, injury or surgery.

My major specialization is the Women´s health care (some of gynaecology diagnoses, disorders of menstrual cycle, pregnancy, infertility, problems relating to the menopause, urinary incontinence).

As a yoga teacher (RYT 200) I see the great need to follow The five point of yoga: proper exercise (asanas), proper breathing (pranayama), proper relaxation (shavasana), proper diet and positive thinking and meditation. A health body is necessary for keeping a healthy mind. And in opposite way: a healthy mind keeps body in a good condition.

My private physiotherapy profession is not covered by any health insurance.

The payment is possible in cash or by credit card.

To book appointment please call me or leave me a message.